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AYSO offers some of the best soccer referee training available, and this year we’re trying to be as flexible as possible to get as many new referees trained as possible. We’ll take advantage of the modular course design to allow you to select sessions that best meet your availability. The schedule is divided into 8U, Regional (Basic 10U), and Intermediate level classes. Please read on to know which training sessions to register for. Regarding the age restrictions, generally if the youth student will achieve that minimum age during or shortly after the coming season (i.e. Fall or Spring), we will train him/her.

Feel free to contact the Referee Administrator with any questions. Click here to get information on training dates and instructions for course registration. Please register before taking the class. This will help our instructors and referee administrator properly prepare. If you have issues with AYSOU that isn't covered by our instructions, please contact


This is open to students aged 10 and up. It certifies the student to referee 8U games. It’s a great starting point for anyone nervous about refereeing as well as youth interested in refereeing. Register for the 8U training in AYSOU if this is the certificate that you need. It is given as part of the morning session for the Regional (Basic 10U) Referee training.

Assistant Referee (AR)

Although it is possible to certify exclusively as an AR, there is only a 2 module difference between this and the Regional level. I highly recommend taking the Regional certification instead. You will need to register for the Regional (basic 10U) with the afternoon session being slightly shorter by about an hour. Contact the Referee Administrator if you are truly interested in just the AR certification.


Regional (Basic 10U) Referee

This is open to students age 12 and up. There is also an Online version of this course. Please contact the Referee Administrator for details of the online course. Otherwise sign up for any Regional (Basic 10U) course being offered. This is typically an all day Saturday class which will have lunch provided. You can also split this day in half if that works best for you, taking the morning and afternoon sessions on different days. We can schedule weeknight classes for groups of 5 or more. 

Intermediate Referee

This is open to students aged 14 and up who are currently certified Regional referees looking to upgrade, and also for certified Intermediates looking for a refresher. You only have to register for the class and take the test if you are upgrading. This is only available at the all day Saturday class dependent on instructor availability and registration numbers. Lunch will be provided.

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