Cedar Rapids Area Training

We offer FREE training, with a FREE lunch to any AYSO volunteer wanting referee training. Additionally, we provide FREE referee gear to anyone who completes the training and is willing to referee for us ($90 value). All that you have to do is give us your attention for a day and be willing to help give our players a SAFE, FAIR, FUN environment to learn and play! Due to COVID-19, we will use remote learning sessions - so no free lunch. Everything else still applies. Please register to receive the online meeting invitation.

Special Requirement Notice:

Because we need to control who has access to the online meeting, you will be REQUIRED to pre-register in order to receive an invitation. Registration instructions can be found on this page. 

Everyone must register for the class online using the AYSOU website, as well as register as a volunteer with the Referee Role on Blue Sombrero. Failure to do so will impact our ability to give you credit for passing the class. Instructions are below. We highly recommend following the instructions below as the sites can be confusing. Be sure to take the CDC Concussion Training and AYSO Safe Haven training as well.

Need help registering a youth referee? The instructions are here​.

Volunteer as a Referee:

  1. Logon to, or sign up for, Blue Sombrero​ (this is the same system used for registering players). 

  2. Click on the Volunteer tab on the left.

  3. Click the Find Volunteer Roles in the upper right corner of the page.

  4. Find current program (it is probably something like “Volunteer Registration - 2019/2020”) and click the Select button on the right. The button will change color to indicate it is selected.

  5. Click on View Available Positions in the lower right of the page.

  6. Find any of the Referee items and click on the Sign Up button to the right of it.

  7. Select any and all family members who are volunteering – your account should be pre-selected.

  8. Proceed through the Confirm and Checkout process. You will need to e-sign the volunteer form and click a couple of check boxes agreeing to standard waivers and confirmation of e-sign in place of an actual signature.

  9. Follow directions below to register for the class.

Course Registration:

  1. Logon to Blue Sombrero​ (this is the same system used for registering players). 

  2. Click on the AYSOU link found along the top of the region home page's picture.

  3. Click the Login button and it should automatically sign you in using your Blue Sombrero credentials. If it doesn't, sign in using the same ID and password as for Blue Sombrero.

  4. Click on the In-Person Courses link.

  5. Click on the Open button next to Referee Instructor Led Classes.

  6. Click on the Open button next to the appropriate class. The classes that we typically offer are:

    1. 8U Official Course

    2. Regional Referee Course

    3. Intermediate Referee Course

  7. Click on the Sessions button.

  8. Available courses are listed in order by date. Scroll down or use your browser’s search function to find the course on the proper date and includes 6/E/1112 in the title.

  9. Click on the Register button to the right and it will automatically register you. (If you accidentally register in the wrong region, just click the course title and select the Unregister button.)

Online Training
While you're on AYSOU, make sure that you've taken the Safe Haven training (required for all volunteers), and CDC Concussion Awareness training. Each of these can be repeated numerous times.